Helping CMOs with better measurement & analytics.

You need to decide which channels to invest marketing dollars in and how much. We can take the guess work out of your decision with marketing mix modeling, experimentation, and advanced analysis.

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Why do you need Cauzle Analytics?

Marketing Mix Modeling

Cookies are going away, privacy regulations are getting more strict, and technology changes are killing any possibility of user-level multi-touch attribution. If you're not using Marketing Mix Modeling to make budget decisions, you're wasting money (you just don't know where). Cauzle Analytics can get you started quickly with MMM, including data collection, modeling, and recommendations.

Future Proof

Quick Time to Insight

Balanced Decisions

Marketing Mix Modeling
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Facebook claims credit for driving X number of sales. Google paid search claims credit for Y. Google Analytics says something entirely different. If you really want to know how many Incremental sales a channel drove - sales you wouldn't have gotten without that channel - you need to run experiments. Cauzle Analytics can work with you to design and execute experiments and analyze the results to give you confidence in the true value of a channel - the incremental ROI.

Advanced Analysis

What's the predicted customer lifetime value of different segments of your customers? Should you be investing in branded paid search, or is it getting clicks that your organic listing would have gotten anyway? What are the features of your website that are critical for convincing customers to fill out your lead form? These are tough questions with valuable answers. If you have these kinds of questions but don't know how to answer them, our data scientists can help. They take pride in answering questions that clients thought couldn't be answered

Advances Analysis
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